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Precision casting process
Precision casting process
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Investment Casting Process
    Investment casting also can be called "precise casting" or " lost wax casting" or "dewaxing casting". The casting materials can widely used, and no limitation for product shape as well as complex structure. The most important characteristic is the close tolerances control, reduced machining allowances, and fine surface finish. Its application scope can be wider after using the new equipment and advanced technology. In heat processing industry, investment casting can be used for those products which difficult to choice the materials, or materials not easy to form a shape, as well as some forging pieces with higher cost; while in the casting industry, the investment casting can be used instead of other casting methods, so as to reduce machining allowances and the cost, improve the dimensional precision and surface finish as well as the mechanical properties, so as to meet the requirements of a higher level product.

Technology specification:
Material Range: Carbon steel 、Alloy steel、Stainless steel and so on.
Material Standard: GB.ASTM. AISI. DIN. BS. JIS. NF. AS. AAR
Max linear Size:1200mm;Max Diameter Size:800 mm
Casting Dimension Tolerance: can reach 4 ~ 6 levels
Casting Surface Roughness: Ra 6.3um~3.2um

Investment casting process:
Wax Injection                                 Dipping and Stuccoing                         Wax Removal
Sand Shell Preheat                                        Casting                                   Sand Shell Removal
 Cutting and Grinding                          checking and Packing
2. Dimensional tolerance
thickness general Premium
<10 ±0.25 ±0.25
10-20 ±0.25 ±0.25
21-30 ±0.35 ±0.25
31-50 ±0.35 ±0.25
length general Premium
<10 ±0.15 ±0.15
11-25 ±0.20 ±0.20
26-50 ±0.30 ±0.30
51-100 ±0.45 ±0.40
101-150 ±0.60 ±0.45
151-200 ±0.90 ±0.50
201-250 ±1.20 ±0.60
>251 ±0.55% ±0.35%
(3) Flatness
length general Can shaped
<25 0.2 0.1
26-50 0.4 0.2
51-100 0.6 0.3
101-150 0.8 0.4
* Angle tolerance:±0.5°to ±2°
Constant angle ±0.5°, easy to deform angle ±2°
* Roundness error
The roundness error is defined as the maximum runout or radius difference of 360 degrees of rotation, which is half the difference between the maximum and minimum diameters.
Diameter(mm) General Tolerance(mm) Premium tolerance(mm)
≥25 0.20 0.15
25-38 0.30 0.20
38-50 0.40 0.25
50-75 0.50 0.38